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Meghan Markle Needs Kim Kardashian To Save Her Career

Meghan Markle needs Kim Kardashian to save her career. At least, that’s what one royal expert believes as the Duchess of Sussex is running out of options – and maybe even friends, too. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Needs Kim Kardashian To Save Her Career

Author Oli London, who seems to be highly critical of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, believes that the Duchess of Sussex is going to need someone like Kim Kardashian to help keep her afloat in 2024. That’s because the only way that she’ll be able to keep the lights on over at her and Prince Harry’s multi-million dollar mansion in Montecito is if she hops back on social media and becomes an influencer like Kim.

London put it this way, “Next year, Meghan’s trying to become an influencer. She’s following in the footsteps of the Kardashians. You see her wearing clearly sponsored brands around the paparazzi. I think that’s her next step. She’s going to try and become an influencer – maybe fitness and wellness and try her luck at that.”

Not only that, but the Duchess of Sussex is going to want to work on fixing her status in the popularity polls, too. At least, that’s what Oli London believes. He explained, “I go to America all the time and a few years ago Meghan and Harry were pretty popular. Every time I go there now, every single person I speak to is not a fan. They see them as very privileged and moaning all the time. I watched the Netflix series and it was just very dull. I think the public interest in them is waning.”

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Might Go Back To Instagram

So far Meghan Markle herself has not responded to any of the criticism, nor had she said anything about her future plans, either. Now, whether or not she does hop back on Instagram and becomes an influencer remains to be seen. 

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