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General Hospital Alum Anthony Geary Pops Up In Amsterdam

Yes, he’s still around! General Hospital alum Anthony Geary, who has kept out of the spotlight lately, has popped up in Amsterdam, where he now lives full time. The former actor, who was best known for his role as Luke in Port Charles, is living the kind of life that you normally wouldn’t expect from a former major daytime television star like him. Here’s what you need to know.

General Hospital Alum Anthony Geary Pops Up In Amsterdam

While it’s certainly been a very long time since Anthony has been on the canvas (seeing how his character Luke is presumed to be dead), it doesn’t seem like the actor is in a hurry to return to the entertainment industry anytime soon. And why would he? He’s definitely living his best life in Europe.

One fan shared a photo of Anthony enjoying a meal in his Amsterdam apartment and captioned it with, “Anthony Geary on today. He is a Soap Legend. He deserves the love and respect from every Soap Fan Goodnight.”

Of course, many fans commented with, “He was the best. I miss him on GH. No matter what material they gave him, he made it work. I assume this is in Amsterdam. Retiring and moving to Amsterdam is a very Luke Spencer move,” along with, “I love the fact that he’s over there in Amsterdam living his best life while minding his own business. He earned it! Anthony Geary was the best.”

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Another fan wrote, “I wish he would have done a short cameo on the GH 60th anniversary.. Miss him! I just want to know that Luke is not dead. He doesn’t have to make an appearance. But this is a great picture of Anthony and I wish him all the best.”

So far Anthony Geary himself has not made any comments about whether or not he would come back to General Hospital or his future plans for that matter.

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4 months ago

Living a very simple life is due AG after all his years in the business. He looks so relaxed. I wish him well in his retirement. Just wish writers would allow viewers the satisfaction of knowing his character is alive and well and not just leaving it up in the air. Being alive doesn’t mean the character has to return to PC. Creative writing could get this done with the stroke of a pen – Alive But Not Returning To The US.

Toni Epstein
Toni Epstein
4 months ago

When Tony Geary retired, he retired to the life he had been living every time he had time off. He basically lived a quiet life in the US after he got his wild streak out of his system. Can you imagine, he was burnt out on all the wild stuff from the sound stage working on General Hospital. He moved to Amsterdam without ever looking back when he retired. He has traveled wherever in the world without ever being bothered. Everyone that has moved there has made the comments everyone has their private life, no brothers you. We makes conversations with total strangers in the line at the grocery store. There, you could live next door to someone for twenty years, you could die, someone could make a comment about your passing calling you by your name. Your neighbor might say, oh so that was her name. That is a Gemini life when you want it.

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