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Kate Middleton Refuses To Look Like A ‘Sister Wife’

For anyone who has been paying attention, they have most likely noticed that Kate Middleton is looking very different these days, and especially in the wardrobe department. Gone are the big buttons and dresses as she’s replaced them with more business casual looks that include dress pants and monochrome colors. Apparently, there’s a good reason for it. That’s because Kate Middleton is refusing to look like a ‘Sister Wife’ anymore. Here’s what you need to know.

Kate Middleton Refuses To Look Like A ‘Sister Wife’

The Princess of Wales has changed her style and you better believe that the world has taken notice. One royal critic says that a lot of people within the Royal Rota seem to like Kate’s new ‘CEO top of the board chic’ look. The insider said, “‘It’s not very traditional princess-y and I suspect there are some royal fans who prefer seeing a member of the royal family in a pretty dress but I like the quiet luxury of her new look. She’s got so much more confident and relaxed about not following protocols so rigidly. I suspect she was probably always keeping half an eye on what the late Queen would have approved of. So now we are probably seeing more of what Kate likes to wear off duty.”

Not only that, but it also seems like the Princess of Wales is trying to impress the British ‘mumsy’ demographic with her new clothes. The insider said that her new clothes are “Very mid-level labels that really appeal to that Mumsnet crowd. Real yummy mummy favorites. These labels are reassuringly expensive, in that you won’t see everyone wearing them, but not eye-wateringly so. There’s also a lot of tonal, taupe-y dressing, so sharp but nothing to shock the traditionalists. I really, really like it.”

Kate Middleton Is Totally Changing Her Style

Now, whether or not Kate’s clothes continue to be a hit with her fans remains to be seen but so far it doesn’t look like any of her new labels are selling out in department stores or online. Watch this space.

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