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British Author Apologizes To Prince Harry For Cringe-worthy Wattpad

A British author has apologized to Prince Harry for what a lot of people are calling a cringe-worthy wattpad. AJ Arnault basically erased Meghan Markle and replaced her with a white woman in a story that a lot of people are still cringing over. Here’s what you need to know.

British Author Apologizes To Prince Harry For Cringe-worthy Wattpad

AJ Arnault posted an apology for her book Her Royal Highness, which pretty much sounds like Prince Harry fanfiction. In it, she replaced Meghan Markle with a woman named Lucy. Arnault wrote, “As someone who has never indie published before, I made the decision to release Her Royal Highness on Netgalley to garner such feedback.”

The statement also said, “It became clear to me, however, that there were some themes and elements to the story that were problematic to say the least, and I immediately began work to correct those issues, including scheduling another round of edits.”

Arnault also said, “As I received more negative criticism and realized that I had caused harm to those in all communities, but especially the black community, I was deeply saddened, embarrassed and ashamed.”

Did AJ Arnault Go Too Far?

It goes without saying that many critics have commented on the matter with, “I don’t believe there was true malice in her actions. I just think she is a weirdo who got carried away and wasn’t thinking about the implications. There are a lot of true haters of H&M out there trying to take them down. I just don’t think she’s one of them. That’s all!”

Another critic wrote, “She is playing all of us with her fake apology. She knew what the outcome could be especially to the black and brown people… But still she wrote the book and put it here for all of us to see. Now that she is aware that she didn’t got what she wanted.. here comes the WM tears!” along with, “Well, this book epitomizes exactly why Meghan is being abused and hated. Harry should have married a white girl not Meghan. Note, ‘out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks’ or in this case the fingers typed. If her apology is genuine, then that’s cool.”

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