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Royal Critics Left Disgusted Over King Charles’ Latest Move With Kate Middleton

A lot of royal critics can’t help but scratch their heads and wonder if this is totally necessary. That’s because there’s a new report that says King Charles has given his daughter-in-law a new military title. But it’s a title that some critics say is simply undeserving. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Critics Left Disgusted Over King Charles’ Latest Move With Kate Middleton

According to Sky News, Kate Middleton was on hand to try out the air traffic control at Royal Navy air base this week. The Princess of Wales’ visit to the Royal Navy Air Station Yeovilton comes after the recent announcement that said King Charles had appointed her as the Commodore-in-Chief of the Fleet Air Arm. But a lot people can’t help but wonder why, seeing how Kate doesn’t have any experience when it comes to anything that has to do with helicopters and planes.

Many royal critics have taken to social media to comment on the matter. Many have made it quite clear that they are disgusted with the way King Charles just hands out titles like they are pieces of disposable candy, to say the least. Some had even said, “This is just thirty minutes of hard work. I just cant get over this thing of giving her titles for no reason esp MILITARY titles. They all have them even tho they’ve done no service or very little. How diminishing for UK Military,” along with, “Young people who dream about a career in the aviation, do NOT learn and  do NOT work hard many  years to gain skills and experience, just marry a prince and become Commodore in chief- RIDICULOUS AND EMBARRASSING.”

Royal Family News: Should Kate Middleton Have Received Her New Title?

And then there was this comment as well: “Why with all the pretend titles already isn’t it enough to be royalty? This is nothing more than just propaganda for the jobless. There are serious people who would dream to have that title and job but for someone like Kate she will just forget about it the next day.”

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