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Prince William Tells American Journalists: ‘Don’t You Dare!’

Prince William is making it pretty clear that it’s either his way, or the highway. There’s a new report that says the Prince of Wales has already told the American media that he is not going to be granting any interviews during his upcoming trip to New York City. That’s because he doesn’t want to be asked about a very sensitive topic right now. Here’s what you need to know.

Prince William Tells American Journalists: ‘Don’t You Dare!’

According to the latest reports, Prince William is taking a vow of silence. Even though he is headed to New York in less than a week, the Prince of Wales will stay quiet when it comes to the American journalists. That’s because he doesn’t want to be asked any questions about his brother Prince Harry and their ongoing feud. The last thing that William wants to do is answer questions about why he supposedly pushed his brother on the floor and into a dog bowel. In other words, they better not dare.

This comes after Prince Harry’s brief trip to the UK. The Duke of Sussex was in London for the WellChild Awards, an event that he’s been attending for the last 15 years. Unfortunately, he did not meet with William or their father, King Charles, during his stay. And for a lot of royal watchers, this is pretty concerning.

Prince William Is Headed To New York City

Royal expert Jennie Bond recently said, “To me, it seems absolutely bonkers that you would come over from California and not see your brother and father for even the briefest of meetings. But it seems that they, and we, have now got used to the idea that Harry will come and go to the UK without troubling to have any family meetings.”

But then again, King Charles was in Scotland and Prince William was 100 miles away in Wales. The only way that the three royals will ever meet is if they come to an agreement to somehow see each other somewhere in the middle.

Kensington Palace has been contacted by the matter.

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