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General Hospital Spoilers: When Spencer Goes Back on His Word, Will Trina Forgive Him?

General Hospital Spoilers: When Spencer Goes Back on His Word, Will Trina Forgive Him?

General Hospital Spoilers leak Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) is playing a dangerous game of deception, and it seems his personal desires are clouding his judgment. His burning desire to take custody of Ace Cassadine (Jay and Joey Clay) has driven him to disregard the trust of his girlfriend, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali), whom he’s on the verge of losing yet again. Spencer’s determination to achieve his goal by any means necessary, including blackmailing Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl), may come at too great a price.

As he recklessly steers his life in the direction of his obsession, he may well find that he’s lost everything else in the process. Will Spencer learn his lesson before it’s too late, or is he destined to learn the hard way that nothing matters more than those who truly care for him? When his betrayal leads to him losing the love of his young life, is there any way Trina will forgive him — again?

General Hospital Spoilers — Cat and Mouse, Spencer and Esme

If Spencer’s plan succeeds, it would be a true masterstroke. After all, Esme may have been an obstacle in his path for quite some time now, and finally getting his hands on Ace is an opportunity he cannot afford to miss. However, believing that Esme is genuinely suffering from amnesia is a tricky proposition. But if Spencer can prove to her that the evidence is real, he can create the perfect scenario to get what he wants. By offering her a clear choice, he can make sure that he comes out of this with custody of his little brother in turn for her not wanting to come clean about what she’s done.

GH Spoilers Suggest Esme Doesn’t Have a Good Option

Esme’s situation is not only peculiar but also quite grim. If she is pretending to have memory loss, then she must keep up the charade to stay out of jail. If she’s not pretending, she is likely to believe the evidence Spencer has is real and that she has to give up her son to stay out of jail. Tricky, tricky!

General Hospital Spoilers: When Spencer Goes Back on His Word, Will Trina Forgive Him?

It would be a difficult act for her to keep up with those stakes, but losing the game is not an option for Esme after all the effort she’s put into this. The pressure from Spencer could become unbearable, and the thought of Ace growing up without her would surely haunt her dreams. Regardless of what Esme knows or doesn’t know, it’s clear that difficult times lie ahead for her.

As Esme plots her next move, she will know that she may need to bring in some extra help. This girl just needs one friend in her corner. Lucky for her, Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr), has recently taken an interest in Esme’s circumstances. Despite their rocky first encounter, Esme realizes that Portia could be the key to pulling off her tricks and turning Spencer on his head. But will Portia be willing to go along with Esme’s plans and risk her daughter finding out? What about the potential fallout if things go wrong? Spencer should be concerned about the same thing. Trina thought he put all of this to bed and wanted to do things by the book, ethically. Finding out both her boyfriend and her mother have been the rules in such disgusting ways to get what they want isn’t bound to bode well with Trina the morality princess. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just ahead to see how this pans out.


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