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Blast From The Past: Can You Guess Who This Soap Star Is?

We might know him now as one of the biggest stars on General Hospital, but back in the mid-1990’s, he was definitely making his mark on primetime television. Can you guess who this stud muffin of a daytime television star is? See the answer below.

Blast From The Past: Can You Guess Who This Soap Star Is?

It’s James Patrick Stuart! 

Speaking to Soap Opera Digest in a new interview, the handsome actor told the publication that working on Seinfeld as his character Brett back in 1996 was definitely a career highlight for him. He put it this way to the publication, “Marc Hirschfeld, who ended up becoming head of casting for NBC but at the time was just a lowly casting director, had me in to test for a pilot and I didn’t end up getting it. But when James Spader fell out of the role of Brett because he was filming a movie in Spain, Marc’s back was against the wall and he needed to find somebody in a matter of hours, and I just happened to be in the office! He goes, ‘Just go [to the SEINFELD set] now.’ I got there and it was me and maybe six other guys in the room. Larry David [SEINFELD’s co-creator] was one of them.”

The actor continued, “I was young and relatively new to comedy — I was studying at The Groundlings at the time — but Larry was just laughing at all the right moments and I thought, ‘Huh! Maybe I can book this thing!’ It wasn’t even an hour after I left that I got a page from my agent who said, ‘You got it! Go tomorrow.’”

James Was Also On Frasier

That same year James also had a small role on Frasier. He said, “Jerry [Seinfeld] told me — while he was eating a bowl of cereal — ‘This is going to be big for you.’ He goes, ‘I’m not bragging, but we have 32 million viewers.’ And the FRASIER audition probably happened because someone was like, ‘That kid was great on SEINFELD. What else can we find for him?’ The next thing you know, I was around the table where they had done every CHEERS table read, every FRASIER table read, and Kelsey Grammer was sitting right next to me.”

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