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Meghan Markle Called “So Hateful And Cruel” For This Reason

Royal Family News says that Meghan Markle is being called “so hateful and cruel” by her father Thomas Markle for this reason. Here’s what you need to know.

Meghan Markle Called “So Hateful And Cruel” For This Reason

Apparently, Thomas was left none too pleased after the Duchess of Sussex had sent him a letter requesting him to stop talking to the media back in 2018. Both Meghan and prince Harry were left shocked and bitterly disappointed after Thomas was caught working with the paparazzi to stage a photoshoot only a few days before their royal wedding that year. Meghan also didn’t like the fact that her father kept on talking to the media about their personal issues.

Speaking about the letter that Meghan wrote, Thomas said during his interview with 7News Australia that it was “a horrible letter. Very insulting and cruel. The other things in that letter is (sic) so hateful and so cruel that I wouldn’t put it out, and that’s more protecting her than myself.”

Thomas went on to say that if there’s one wish he would like to have granted, it’s for him and his daughter to hopefully sit down and iron out their issues. He put it this way, “I wish that we can sit down and talk. I wish we could work out our differences. She has got to ask herself this every day, why am I doing this to my father? She loved me. I’m her hero. And suddenly I was thrown out.”

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If that weren’t enough, Thomas also said that he’s pretty bitter that he’s yet to meet his two grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet. He said, “Well, is it worth dumping me for the rest of my life? Denying my grandchildren? Is it worth all of that? Is it worth getting rid of her father? How can I fix this?”

Thomas Markle also said that he has a message for his son-in-law, Prince Harry. He said, “Harry, nice guy. I love you for marrying my daughter. Meg, I love you. I love my grandchildren. I love to see them and am open to any kind of conversation.”

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