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Prince William And Kate Middleton Using Their Kids As Excuses Not To Work?

Well, imagine if we all made this same excuse all the time, right? No one would be clocking into work anymore seeing how the kids always get in the way! There’s a new report that suggests some royal critics out there are none too pleased with the idea that Prince William and Kate Middleton keep using their kids as an excuse not to go to work as most full-time royals should. Here’s what you need to know.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Using Their Kids As Excuses Not To Work?

According to, a lot of royal critics have noticed that William and Kate keep saying that they are “spending time with their kids,” when in actuality, they might just be using it as an excuse not to attend different events. And for some people, this excuse will only work so long.

One source close to the situation put it this way, “Anything William and Kate can do as parents to avoid this fate for their son and to help their two younger children dodge the usual destiny of spares – lots of moping, plenty of misery and occupying a strange liminal space between the crown and civvy street – then good work you two. However, the problem is that Kate especially now takes time off her day job so regularly she probably routinely forgets her work computer’s password.”

That said, royal critics are also saying how important it is for William and Kate to be seen doing some actual work. As in, they actually have to be seen putting in the hours. Overall, the number of engagements that have been undertaken by royal family members has fallen by about 40 percent in the last decade.

What’s Next For William And Kate?

The insider said, “They can’t beetle off to take indulgent time off to loll about on gilt settees in their trackies and to play hide and seek in the Windsor Castle attics. Making this job that much harder is that the royal family has a rapidly dwindling staff of frontline HRHs. In the past four years, the number of working members of the royal family has dropped from 16 to only 11, thanks to death, disgrace and the desire to live down the road from Oprah.”

So far William and Kate have not made any comments about the criticism. 

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