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Royal Family News: King Charles To Face Anti-Monarchy Protests During Coronation

It looks like there are some people who are going to have a different kind of party during the coronation. And no, it’s not one that King Charles will look forward to seeing. There’s because there’s a new report that says Westminster Abbey will be seeing some of the biggest anti-monarchy protests during the royal coronation. As many fans probably already know, the ceremony and festivities will take place on May 6th. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: King Charles To Face Anti-Monarchy Protests During Coronation

According to The Times, anti-monarchists are headed to London in droves. Apparently, Republic activists will wear yellow T-shirts and wave yellow placards so even King Charles can see them. They will also chant “Not my King” as loud as they can. Back in March, protesters held signs and shouted “not my king” at Westminster Abbey ahead of the royal family’s arrival for their annual Commonwealth Day service. It was loud enough for King Charles to hear it and most certainly the nearby British media who were there with their cameras rolling.

Now, as far as what’s to expect during the coronation, Graham Smith, the head of Republic, said in an interview, “We are aiming for a party atmosphere. We always try to engage with those people, keep it lighthearted. Some people get annoyed and upset, but most people accept the fact that people are allowed to protest. We’ve also got the police around if there’s any trouble.”

He added: “A lot of the people aren’t really staunch monarchists, they’re just there to see something that’s big or historic or whatever. We see them as potential republicans.”

Royal Family News: What’s Next For King Charles?

Many royal critics have commented on the matter with, “I should really fly to London over the weekend and join the demonstration!” along with, “It really looks like no one wants to go there as flights are usually more expensive on such a short term!”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the planned protests. Watch this space.

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