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General Hospital News: Chad Duell And Luana Lucci Trolled Over Pregnancy Announcement

It might be a very joyous occasion for them, but it seems like there are always going to be online trolls out there who are going to have something negative to say. There are new reports that say General Hospital star Chad Duell and his pregnant girlfriend Luana Lucci are dealing with some vicious trolls right now. Apparently, a lot of people left some hurtful things on Luana’s Instagram account after she announced that she was pregnant with the soap opera star’s first baby. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

General Hospital News: Chad Duell And Luana Lucci Trolled Over Pregnancy Announcement

Soon after Chad and Luana made their pregnancy announcement, Luana said that she had to step back from Instagram because of all the online hate that she was getting. She wrote in one post, “I haven’t post in a long time which is not very like me since I am so active in social media but the recent hate I have been receiving gave me anxiety and ptsd towards posting in my social media. I haven’t looked in my dms in so long in fear I will see something disgusting and mean. It’s hard to wrap my mind around on how ADULTS can bully someone they know nothing about and making assumptions… anyways I love social media and how we can connect with so many people so I won’t let grown up as*** adults bully me out of social media.”

She continued, “Anyways have a good day everyone! #bekind. Also our room looks so boring haha we just moved here and we are still in the process of getting the house cute and cozy.”

General Hospital News: Luana Steps Back From Instagram

Many of her fans commented on the matter with, “Don’t listen to keyboard bullies!!This is an exciting time in your life and you should be celebrating and posting as you want!Best Wishes with your new home and baby!!” along with, “God bless you and Duelly. Congratulations to the both of you on your baby! Honey, love and be loved, put yourselves first . Block these people that are hateful! Be happy! 

I’m thrilled to see you and Duelly happy. This grandmother has watched GH for over 50 years! Hugs!”

Another fan said, “It’s the fans who are in parasocial relationships that are unhinged. It’s so weird. Just block and ignore. I know it’s hard to do but not everyone are haters.”

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