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Kim Kardashian Gets Blasted By Fans For Telling Major LIE

Kim Kardashian Gets Blasted By Fans For Telling Major LIE

Kim Kardashian is at it again. She is steadily giving her fans and critics what to talk about. Being the latest spokesperson for “Hismile,” a dental hygiene brand means Kim gets to advertise the wonders of Hismile product.

Kim did her assignment just fine by using Hismile’s teeth whitening paste to show a before and after results, and the proud Hismile brand shared Kim’s work on their social media business account.

The SKIMS founder also shared the results in her Instagram story. While flashing her white teeth to the camera, she gave credit to Hismile and also added the company’s purchase sites.

But, there’s a but. Kim’s fans seem to be very sure that her white teeth had nothing to do with Hismile teeth whitening paste.

Kim Kardashian — Kim Gets Slammed For Promoting Teeth Whitening Paste While Having Veneers

A critic took the post to Reddit. There, other critics who feel very sure that the mom of four had dental cosmetic works done on her teeth, blasted her for lying. One person wrote, “Kim we know your teeth are veneers. Wtf are you doing selling whitening paste?!,” and another seconded, “She paid for those teeth. I love that she promotes these shady products

A third cried, “Run to Walmart and get yours! Sure thing, Kimbecile. I bet she’s missing the clout she used to have when she was married to Kanye. Grab those dollar bills while you can, girl.” And another said, “I mean, I also would have perfectly white teeth if I had veneers. What are we flexing here?” Meanwhile, Kim was recently slammed for lying about her figure.

Kim Kardashian — Kim Blasted For Being “Calculated”

Early last month, Kim posted a video of her workout session with her personal trainer on Instagram. She captioned the video: “Nothing like a 2hr workout w @senada.greca to get my jet lag back on track. And finishing off strong is the best feeling ever to check a good workout off of the daily schedule.”

Kim’s video gave the vibe that she was unaware that she was being videoed while she lifted heavy metals. At a point she said, “This is heavy!” However, trust her eagle-eyed fans to detect the lies and blast Kim for claiming that her figure is courtesy of workouts and weightlifting.

As usual, her case was presented to Reddit by a user who caption the post: “I work out hard for this body you guys!” Under the comments section, someone wrote, “You can tell none of them have ever regularly or seriously worked out like this.” Another added, “Her weights are very clearly fake.”

A third chimed, “This is heavyyy” she knows she’s being recorded. Everything is so damn calculated with her.” While a fourth said, “She’s glute dominant, y’all,” with a winky face. Also in the comments was, “Misleading her fans to believe terrible form deadlifts can help achieve a Kardashian butt…”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Kim Kardashian right now. Come back here often for all the Kim Kardashian’s spoilers, news, and updates.


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