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Royal Family News: Prince William To Stop Meghan Markle From Attending The Coronation?

Royal Family News: Prince William To Stop Meghan Markle From Attending The Coronation?

Royal Family News suggests that while there might be a sliver of a chance that Prince William might be able to find a little room in his heart to forgive his brother Prince Harry again, the same can’t be said about Meghan Markle. In fact, there’s a good chance that the Prince of Wales might be considering his sister-in-law to be the royal family’s number one enemy seeing how everything fell apart the moment that she entered the picture. That might also be one of the reasons why William will do everything in his power to stop the Duchess of Sussex from attending King Charles’ upcoming Coronation. She might have ruined a lot of  things in their family, but he’s not going to allow her to ruin his father’s moment. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Prince William To Stop Meghan Markle From Attending The Coronation?

While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are yet to confirm whether or not they will make the trip to London to help King Charles celebrate his coronation, there’s already a lot of speculation that the royal couple will be there. One source close to the situation even said, “Harry and Meghan are being factored into all of the planning … the cars, the seating plans, dining arrangements, everything. No one knows for certain whether this means they have definitely accepted — it could, of course, be just in case they do — but it’s clearly not a ‘no.’”

And while Harry and Meghan are expected to attend the coronation, sources also say that there won’t be any reconciliation talks while they are there. Another insider said, “Members of the family have told me that both Harry and Meghan will definitely come. They fully expect that. And they should realize that there is only one subject that many members of the royal family will be willing to discuss… and that’s the weather.”

What’s Next For The Royal Family?

Of course, there’s also the possibility that William might do everything he can to stop Harry’s wife from being at the coronation altogether. There’s no way that he or Kate Middleton will be able to talk to her, let alone stand in the same room as her. Plus, if there’s one thing that William doesn’t want to do, it’s show his anger in public. That’s why everyone would be better off if Meghan simply didn’t show up.

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