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Kieran Culkin On Why His Brother Macaulay Culkin’s Childhood Success Was Sad

Kieran Culkin On Why His Brother Macaulay Culkin's Childhood Success Was Sad

Even as a young child, Kieran Culkin felt very sorry for the level of fame his brother endured following his lead role in the fan favorite Holiday movie “Home Alone,” where he played the character Kevin McCallister who was in fact left home alone at the height of the holiday season.

In an interview with Esquire, Kieran revealed he really felt for his brother at the time.

Kieran Culkin Reflects On the Darker Side of Brother Macaulay Becoming A Global Household Name Following Lead Role In “Home Alone”
Maroon 5’s Adam Levine once sang that fame isn’t all that it’s glorified to be, but Kieran, even at a young age, suspected as much after his brother became a household name following their role in the holiday movie.

“Even at that time, as a kid, I remember thinking, That sucks for him,” Kieran, 40, said of his reaction to Macaulay’s fame. “Poor f—ing guy. He was little and having to try to accept that level of fame as reality.”

Whatever the downsides he’s come to associate with fame, Kieran and Macaulay has continued to act since then, joined by their younger brother Rory Culkin.

Kieran Culkin Says He Never Prayed To Be A Successful Actor

Even though Kieran had small parts to play in “Home Alone” 1 and its sequel, “Home Alone: Lost in New York,” his acting career did not kick off until ten years later with 2002’s dramady, “Igby Goes Down.”

He said that around that time, people started to refer to his acting job as a career, and it made him to flip out. As a result of having seen what Macaulay went through, he told the magazine that “I had this unhealthy relationship with what I did for a living. I really wanted to do it, but I didn’t want to be successful at it.”

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