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Royal Family News: The Internet Is Shocked That Prince William Ate At A Gay Restaurant In Poland

He was enjoying what the menu had to offer just like everyone else. Yet it seems like a lot of people are shocked over the news that Prince William dined at a gay restaurant in Poland this past week. The Prince of Wales was in Poland to visit British troops as part of a short, two-day tour. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: The Internet Is Shocked That Prince William Ate At A Gay Restaurant In Poland

According to Page Six, fans seemed to have been stunned at the sight of the Prince of Wales dining at queer hotspot Butero Bistro in the heart of Warsaw, Poland’s capital. Apparently, the future king of England enjoyed a meal that cost less than $10. 

One source close to the situation said that “the team from Kensington Palace booked a local restaurant near where they were working, and the prince decided to join them. He asked them what they were doing and then asked to come along. It was a great night by all accounts. The team really appreciated him asking to join them.”

The bistro’s owner, Pawel Zasim, says that he was just as shocked as his customers to see Prince William in his establishment. He also said that he had no idea that William would be coming in even though his table was booked for a birthday party for a guest by the name of Daisy and her 11 guests.

Royal Family News: Prince William Enjoyed His Meal Thoroughly

Zasim added, “But then a bodyguard appeared and said that this wasn’t going to be a Daisy birthday party, and then Prince William walked in.”

For anyone wondering, William ordered a “sandwich in a braided roll with pulled pork” during his three hour meal. “And he ate everything, so I think he liked it,” Zasim added.

Some people commented on the matter with, “Non-story.  Restaurants and shops run by gay guys are usually excellent,” along with, “So dining at a gay bar is cool for the Royals, but accepting your brother and his wife is just a bridge too far?”

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