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Sarah Ferguson Has Nothing But Praise For King Charles Even Though She Wasn’t Invited To His Coronation

You’ve got to hand it to her for always seeing the positive in everything. Sarah Ferguson apparently has nothing but praise and great things to say about King Charles even though she was not invited to his upcoming Coronation. That, or her invitation might have gotten lost in the mail. Either way, the Duchess of York, who was once married to Prince Andrew, thinks that the Coronation will be a great way for the people of Britain to come together. Here’s what she has to say.

Sarah Ferguson Has Nothing But Praise For King Charles Even Though She Wasn’t Invited To His Coronation

Speaking to The Telegraph in a new interview, Sarah called King Charles “brilliant.” She put it this way, “I think it’ll be an extraordinary moment. And I feel really strongly that the King is brilliant. He upholds everything that is good. I mean, what he’s done for the environment! What he’s done in his life! How he loves to paint, how he loves to walk, how he loves to be. He is a very special person. So for him to have a moment where everybody looks up and understands how hard he and the Royal family has worked, is important.”

She also said that the Coronation should “be a moment when the entire world will say, right: we’ve got this. And now we’ll unite again and go on again. We are not…’ she laughs, corrects herself, ‘they are not celebrities. They are part of an extraordinary institution, and they go out and do their work. That’s what I did when I became a princess. Whatever happened, happened. We don’t go back. But whether I’m in or out, I’ll always uphold it.”

What’s Next For The Duchess of York?

Interestingly enough, both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did receive their invite to the Chubbly, despite all of the things they’ve said about the royal family up to this point. It seems like no matter how many times Harry and Meghan will throw the royal family under the bus, they will still have more status than the Duchess of York. Yikes!

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