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Madonna Is Super Eager To Perform At King Charles’ Coronation

Adele doesn’t want to do it, Harry Styles doesn’t want to do it and even Ed Sheeren said that he can’t do it, but if there’s someone willing to do the job, it’s Madonna. There’s a new report that suggests the Material Girl is quite eager to perform at King Charles’ Coronation in May. The only problem though is that she is yet to get an invite from the King of England. Here’s what you need to know.

Madonna Is Super Eager To Perform At King Charles’ Coronation

While the only two big acts that have signed up so far to perform at King Charles’ Coronation include Kylie Minogue and 90’s boy band Take That, it seems like there are other chart toppers out there who aren’t as eager to perform on stage for the royal family. Yet, it seems like Madonna is one person who is just waiting for someone at Buckingham Palace to finally give her a call and present to her an offer that she can’t refuse.

One source close to the situation even said, “As far as lining up performers for the coronation concert, I wouldn’t panic quite yet. hey’d be crazy not to ask Madonna, who has a massive 40th-anniversary tour this summer, and I’m sure wouldn’t mind the opportunity to perform for the king.”

Royal Family News: Will King Charles Actually Invite Madonna To His Chubbly?

The tipster added, “So, plenty of options (for the coronation concert). People are reading way too much into what really amounts to scheduling conflicts. It’s highly doubtful that anyone would turn down the invitation to perform at the coronation. It’s a singular moment in history, and, frankly, just too massive a gig!”

So far Madonna herself hasn’t made any comments about the matter but her old pal Elton John did refuse his invite to perform. That might be because he’s still very good friends with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are seemingly on the outs with the royal family. Here’s hoping that if Madonna does get invited, she’ll keep things clean!

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