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Royal Family News: Princess Diana’s Brother Wont’ Be Attending King Charles’ Coronation

Royal Family News says that Charles Spencer will probably be spending the day washing his hair during King Charles’ Coronation on May 6th. Princess Diana’s brother has confirmed that he won’t be attending what will most likely be King Charles’ most important day of his reign. Here’s what he has to say.

Royal Family News: Princess Diana’s Brother Wont’ Be Attending King Charles’ Coronation

Speaking to Times Radio in a new inteview, the Earl Spencer said that he won’t be attending King Charles’ Coronation, even though it will most likely be the biggest event of the year. Instead, he is going to sit this one out. He siad, “I think of Diana every day, but in different contexts and the whole royal thing, I don’t find it as interesting … I just get on with my life.”

Clearly, Charles Spencer wants nothing to do with his former brother-in-law, and that might be because he’s still very close to his nephew, Prince Harry. In fact, some royal fans and critics alike couldn’t help but comment on the matter with, “Harry thanked him and his aunts in his book. They love Meghan and remain very close to Harry, they informed him for a lot that happened after Diana’s death, including how Charles, Harry’s father tried to cut access to them, Diana’s mother called Charles the devil in her will,” along with, “I hope all the spectators are thinking of Diana on that day and deriding the wicked backstabbing witch who will be standing up there in her place. And deriding the spineless toadstool they’re letting crown himself king, who fanned the flames and destroyed a young girl-come-young woman because his ego was too fragile.”

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Will Most Likely Skip The Event, Too

Another critic added, “But good for all the Spencers that don’t try to beg invites to royal events to stay in the spotlight. I think once you’ve seen the seedy under belly, and they pretty much killed your sister, you’re not nearly as enamored with all the pomp and circumstance.”

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