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Days of Our Lives Star Deidre Hall Opens Up About Some Of Marlena’s Best Scenes Of The Season

Let’s just say that without her, life in Salem would certainly look very different. Days of Our Lives actress Deidre Hall, who is best known for her role as Marlena Evans on the hit Peacock soap, recently opened up about her character and what kind of rollercoaster of a year she’s had so far, which include the ups, the downs and everything in between. Here’s what you need to know.

Days of Our Lives Star Deidre Hall Opens Up About Some Of Marlena’s Best Scenes Of The Season

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Deidre did admit that Marlena’s most recent farewell scenes with John on the rooftop were pretty memorable. When asked what they were like to film, she said, “What I want to say about the story is that Ron [Carlivati, head writer] really dug deep into the romance of [the couple]. We had to shoot the scenes on green screen, because the background was so important to what we were doing. Unlike a small set in Salem where you think, ‘Oh. There’s a sky over there,’ this is really magical.”

Deidre continued, “When you see the depth of the scene and the background, you have a real sense that we went on location, which, in fact, we did. We went to a separate studio to be in a green screen surround. It was fascinating for all of us to see how that looks. We’d done green screen on the show on occasion. I’m not unfamiliar with it. But to have gone into a professional green screen studio, it was thrilling.”

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Deidre added that while sometimes she gets to see the finished product ahead of streaming, this time around she didn’t. She said, “However, I did see it when other people were in the shot, and they were setting up the lighting on it. When you’re looking at it and what [the camera] is actually shooting, you think, ‘How can you do that?’ It’s just fabulous.”

Deidre also added that the heaven scenes were a whole lot of work. She said,  “Once again, we had to create a whole set to make that make sense. It’s Marlena, Kayla and Kate. It’s all white gauzy curtains, and it’s painted white. There are some fans blowing. We’re all in white. It’s blown up, light-wise. There’s a very ethereal feeling to those scenes,” but also added that she and her co-stars,  “We talked. We yakked. We gossiped. We shared. We laughed. We might have done lines in there somewhere, but mostly we played.”



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