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General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Sets Holly Up to Take the Fall

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Sets Holly Up to Take the Fall

General Hospital spoilers tease, Laura Collins (Genie Francis) knows Holly Sutton (Emma Samms) is up to something, but she can’t quite put her finger on it. While Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) is busy giving Holly the benefit of the doubt and treating her like she’s glass, Laura is adamant that they stop wasting time and get to the bottom of why she isn’t sharing any details about where she’s been for the last two years. When Holly won’t meet Laura halfway with the truth, Laura is going to set a plan in motion that Holly won’t see coming, unless Robert warns her.

General Hospital Spoilers — Holly Won’t Come Clean

Holly hasn’t been very forthcoming with anyone since her return to Port Charles. In fact, almost everyone seems to be content with accepting her story that she just washed up conveniently on the Quartermaine grounds. No one is the slightest bit concerned at how on the nose that was. Regardless, Laura isn’t as enamored with Holly as the rest of their mutual friends are. Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) have a different relationship with Holly than Laura does, which makes sense given how things went down with Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary). Is he part of the reason no one will push Holly to revisit the past with as much enthusiasm as Laura is?

GH Spoilers Tease Robert Reluctantly Teams Up with Laura

While Robert is hoping for the best with Holly and just plain thankful she’s alive, Laura is no less suspicious of the events surrounding her reappearance. What is most alarming is that Holly appears to have no real interest in figuring out what happened to her. That just doesn’t sit well with Laura, as she doesn’t buy Robert’s theories that Holly might be traumatized. Holly is a clever woman and she knows how to run a con if she needs to. Laura might accuse Robert of being blinded by his feelings for Holly, but he could accuse Laura of the same on the other end of the spectrum. Is Laura just bitter and retaliating against Holly because Luke is gone? Eventually, Robert is going to agree to help Laura attempt to trip Holly up, but only because he thinks he can prove to her that she’s wrong about Holly.

General Hospital Spoilers — Holly Takes the Bait

Laura and Robert will devise a plan to drop hints in Holly’s direction. She’s been eager to know details about Anna’s case, and when Laura and Robert pretend there’s been a break, they’ll be watchful of Holly to see what she does with the information. When she reports back to Victor, it’s going to be a bitter pill for Robert to swallow — especially because he won’t be able to confront her right away. Instead, he’s going to have to pretend to be just as smitten with her until they can determine what Victor is really up to and how he’s managed to wrap Holly around his finger. Stay tuned for more General Hospital news and spoilers as this storyline is just warming up.


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