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General Hospital Spoilers: The Fans Claim Sam is a Wishy Washy Hypocrite — Are They Right?

General Hospital Spoilers: The Fans Claim Sam is a Wishy Washy Hypocrite — Are They Right?

General Hospital Spoilers claim Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) keeps changing her mind — and the fans aren’t here for it. Years ago, Sam fell hard and fast for Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) — a bad boy with a heart of gold.

Their slow-burning relationship ended up being painted as a would-be happily ever after when they married and had a child upon Sam’s urging. But it was only a few years before Sam decided she didn’t like the life Jason lived.

It was suddenly too dangerous for her and their son. At the time, the fans gave her a pass. We were tired of JaSam and ready for Carly and Jason to finally have their chance.

If a divorce was the way to start with a fresh canvas, so be it. But Sam continued to press on that Jason’s world was too risky for him to be a father. She echoed the same concerns when he rose from the dead recently. That is, until something else piqued her interest.

General Hospital Spoilers — Sam, the PI

Sam never can turn her cheek away from a good mystery. The Private Investigator in her just had to know why Jason was kept away from his family for so long, and whether any of that weight was still hanging over his head now.

It didn’t make any sense to her that he was acting as an FBI informant. Of course, Sam couldn’t just take the win and accept that Jason had turned over a new leaf and was one of the good guys now.

That didn’t make sense to her either. So she stuck her nose under the camel tent and discovered the dirt Special Agent John ‘Jagger’ Cates (Adam Harrington) was holding over Jason’s head all traced back to Carly Spencer (Laura Wright).

Now, she’s more furious than ever that he chose to protect Carly even if it meant abandoning his son — you know, the son he wasn’t allowed to parent.

GH Spoilers Hint Only One Thing Has Remained Consistent

Sam might have changed her mind about Jason way too late, and she might have jumped to the conclusion that she could save him from the FBI. But it appears she was only cool with helping out the father of her child if he had a more altruistic reason for staying away that didn’t cut her to her core.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Fans Claim Sam is a Wishy Washy Hypocrite — Are They Right?

Does this all go back to how Sam has always felt she came in second to Carly in Jason’s eyes — even when they were married? We all know it’s true. Regardless, Sam’s position on Jason being in Danny Morgan’s (Asher Antonyzyn) life hasn’t changed since it first changed.

Even when she wanted to help Jason out, she didn’t necessarily want him anywhere near Danny. But why would she want to help Jason get out from under the FBI’s thumb and go back to the dark side she loathes? Make it make sense!

General Hospital Spoilers — Carly Called Her Out

Okay, the fans were mostly here for this bit. Someone had to say it! Carly calling Sam out for changing her mind about Jason years after pleading with him to have a child was the pinnacle moment of the show last week.

It certainly had to sting, but Sam didn’t seem too bothered by Carly’s truth pill — as though she already knew it and made excuses to rationalize her behavior to herself long ago.

The rumor mill is churning out gossip that points the finger of blame at Sam’s ego — insisting she’s still not really over Jason or the fact that he wouldn’t walk away from his life of organized crime to stay with her.

Is that the case? Sounds like we’re about to find out. Keep checking back for more GH news and spoilers in the meantime.


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25 days ago

I definitely feel that Sam still has feelings for Jason and he for her. But writers are keeping the two apart for their own reasons. As with Carly/Sonny who also belong together regardless of their unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship, the two pairings work and neither has had a pairing that worked as well. If it works, regardless of how unnatural it may be, allow it to continue instead of creating pairings that don’t work in any fashion except in the minds of writers.

Blue EyedMonster
25 days ago

I am so sick of that duck-liped, hypocrit, mean-mouth shrew that I pray everyday for a ” who done it” storyline and Sam is the “it”….

25 days ago

Sam is another character set for being let go. The character has changed drastically and will be out the door soon. Saw it happen with Finn.

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