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General Hospital Spoilers: The Real Reason Why Bryan Craig Is Returning To Port Charles

Well this is certainly something that no one had in their soap bingo cards for 2024.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Real Reason Why Bryan Craig Is Returning To Port Charles

General Hospital spoilers heavily predict that actor Bryan Craig might be returning to his daytime television roots to reprise his role a Morgan Corinthios.

And let’s just say that there’s no one complaining over this. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

According to reports, Bryan Craig has hinted that he might come back to this fictional town of Port Charles sooner rather than later.

When a fan on social media asked him who the mystery male set to return to the show would be, Bryan responded with, “Who could it be….”

A lot of fans believe that Bryan Craig is coming back to his soap roots because he’s struggled to get his foot in the door in Hollywood. Others are just happy that he’ back.

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Morgan Corinthos Coming Back?

Many of them commented on the matter with, “I would love to see Morgan back on GH, but it would also be perfect timing for Lucky to return. Whoever it is I hope it’s for the long run.”

Another fan said, “I would love to see Morgan back that would bring Sonny and Carly back together. I think the timing is perfect for a comeback. So many stories could get thrown into the mix.”

And then there was this comment as well, “Of all the characters that were posted the other day Morgan is the only needed character!”

“I think his comeback should be written in to call out Sonny’s failing meds and to get rid of Ava (accidentally, in a famous GH wreck with Ava who doesn’t make it, bit Avery is with her and makes it out without.”

So far Bryan Craig himself has not made any additional comments about the matter but we will definitely update you with all of the latest details as they come in.

Tell us, Soap Spoiler fans, what do you think of all the buzz in this story? Let us know by dropping us a line below.

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1 month ago

There is zero need for Morgan to return from the dead. We already have a boring, usless, “why did they even bother’ return from the dead charecter in Jason. (Never ever thought I’d use the term boring when talking about Jason)..but This FBI / Pikeman debacle story has got to go!!! I was watching he and Anna drown on and on and on the other day in her office and damned if I didn’t doze off!!! Best Soap Emmy….right now, not hardly.

1 month ago

Funny, the article didn’t mention any of the hundreds of comments saying he’s the one person they don’t want to see back! I hope and pray he isn’t the one they’re talking about.

1 month ago
Reply to  Marci

I was one of those that posted that I never cared for the character of Morgan. Guess they don’t like OUR opinions LOL!

Blue EyedMonster
1 month ago
Reply to  JudyG

I made a negative remarks about him and the boring Jason return and they wouldn’t even post it! LOL.

brenda dismuke
brenda dismuke
21 days ago

I would like Vanessa Marcia back as Brenda Barrett; and do you think that Geovani will be the son on Lily and Miguel? Lily was a ballerina and she did have a son with Miguel when they were younger. Lily’s father broke them up. Sonny feeling responsible for Lily’s death in the explosion and retrieved Geovanni once Lily’s father died and took him to Benson Hurst.

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