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Furious Melania Trump Blocking Ivanka Trump’s Access To The Family

Once you are out, you are out and there’s just no way for you to get back in. Or at least, that’s how Melania Trump feels about things.

Furious Melania Trump Blocking Ivanka Trump’s Access To The Family

There’s heavy speculation on social media that suggests Melania Trump might be blocking Ivanka Trump’s access to her father, Donald Trump.

That’s because she’s absolutely disgusted with the way that Ivanka has been behaving towards her father lately.

It seems like Ivanka only shows up whenever she senses there is a benefit on her end. Otherwise, she acts like she wants nothing to do with her father or the Trump family for that matter.

For Melania Trump, loyalty is very important. After all, she’s managed to show her husband Donald Trump just how loyal she is despite everything that he has done in his marriage so far.

And clearly, Melania expects other people in the family, and especially Ivanka, to act the same way.

After all, none of them would be where they are today if it weren’t for Donald Trump and even Ivanka knows that. 

What’s Next For Donald Trump?

Without the Trump name, she wouldn’t have gotten her modeling career back during her teenage years and there is no way that she would have achieved any sort of celebrity status either.

That’s why Melania thinks Ivanka is being a hypocrite. Either you show your support to the family, or you are out. 

Melania doesn’t think that people like Ivanka deserve to come in and out as they please, especially during this very critical time for Donald.

He was just found guilty on 34 counts in his hush money trial. If that weren’t enough, he’s doing everything he can to win back the keys to the White House in this year’s presidential election.

So far Melania Trump herself has not made any comments about the matter although at this point it’s doubtful that she will.

We will update you with all of the latest details as they come in.

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