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Trump Update: Why Is Stormy Daniels So Quiet Lately?

You’d think that the world would be hearing more from Stormy Daniels, seeing how her name has been brought up so many times in Donald Trump’s hush money criminal court trial. Yet, that hasn’t been the case at all.

Trump Update: Why Is Stormy Daniels So Quiet Lately?

Instead, Stormy Daniels has been very quiet. And of course, a lot of fans want to know why.

Here’s a little of what’s been going on in her life lately.

Stormy Daniels is an adult film star who was born Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford. She’s also a director and former stripper. It was alleged in 2018 that Stormy was paid $130,000 in hush money to keep quiet about her supposed affair with Donald Trump.

Stormy Daniels wants absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump and no one can blame her for feeling that way. The adult film star wants to move out of the country if Donald is found innocent in his hush money case.

Stormy Daniels doesn’t want to stay in the United States if Donald Trump is found innocent in his criminal hush money case.

What’s Going On In Stormy Daniels’s Life Lately?

Stormy’s husband, Barrett Blade, told CNN in an interview that they are looking to relocate, should Donald get lucky and his proven innocent.

 He put it this way, “Either way, I don’t think it gets better for her. I think if it’s not guilty, we got to decide what to do. Good chance we’ll probably vacate this country. I don’t see it as a win situation either way. I know that we would like to get on with our lives. I know that she wants to move past this. We just want to do what I guess you’d say normal people get to do.”

There’s heavy speculation on social media that suggests Ivanka Trump is none too pleased over the fact that her father Donald Trump once told an adult film star that she reminded him of his own daughter. 

What’s more, Stormy Daniel had to wear a bulletproof vest before making her way into the courtroom to testify against Donald Trump.

But because of all the drama surrounding the criminal courtcase and because of Donald Trump’s very strong support from the MAGA crowd, Stormy felt as though she had to take the necessary steps to protect herself. 

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21 days ago

Stormy tried to black mail trump, Cohen paid her off without trump knowing.. then she wanted more so then the testifying but she got caught in less and her own letter saying she NEVER had an affair with trump.. she’s a liar and she should be ashamed of herself for the lies to hurt another man. That’s why the metoo movement didn’t work because so many women came out and accused men of rape or sexual assault and the led about the whole thing to help the democrats power. They are disgusting to say the least.. being a rape victim/survivor it makes me sick that those women are setting all women back 50 years where they won’t be believed again.. it makes me sick.

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