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The Sad Reason Why Donald Trump Won’t Divorce Melania Trump

Donald Trump is someone who likes to tell it like it is, but when it comes to his marriage to Melania Trump, for some reason or another, he’s rather sketchy if not also quiet about the details surrounding their relationship. Of course, a lot of people want to know why.

Celeb News: The Sad Reason Why Donald Trump Won’t Divorce Melania Trump

There seems to be a sad reason as to why Donald Trump won’t divorce his wife, Melania Trump. While some people think that the former model would pull the plug on their marriage in a heartbeat if she could, Donald wouldn’t. That’s because he needs her more than she needs him.

Donald knows that if Melania were to walk away from their marriage, the mainstream media would have an absolute field day. Not only that, but he would lose a huge chunk of his base, especially the more conservative ones that are all about family values. 

A Donald Trump and Melania Trump divorce would be devastating for his presidential campaign. There is no way that Donald would survive it and he knows it. And that’s why no matter how bad things get, he would never leave Melania. Not only that, but he would make sure that Melania would never leave him as well.

Celeb News: Donald Trump Is Holding On To His Wife

Plus, there’s always the good chance that Donald actually does love his wife, too. Sure, he’s made plenty of mistakes in the past, but he’s only human. And if there’s one person that has always remained by his side through the good times and the bad, it’s been Melania and only her. No one else has been as loyal.

So far Donald Trump hasn’t made any comments about the matter, but it’s doubtful that he will. But in the meantime though he’s going to do everything that he can to hold on to Melania for the sake of  their marriage and of course, his campaign and future, too.

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