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Melania Trump Doesn’t Love Donald Trump According To Former Aide

Does Melania Trump still have some love for her husband, Donald Trump? That’s what a lot of fans can’t help but wonder as there’s strong speculation that the former First Lady might have emotionally distanced herself from her husband because of his hush money trial. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Melania Trump Doesn’t Love Donald Trump According To Former Aide

Stephanie shared a screenshot of an article that suggested Donald Trump might be dreading the testimony from Karen McDougal simply because what she might say will break Melania Trump’s heart. But Stephanie doesn’t believe that to be very true. She wrote on X, “Melania’s heart will NOT be ‘broken’ by anything Karen McDougal has to say. It’s Karen’s heart that was broken by the man in the middle.”

Yikes. Of course, it didn’t take very long for Stephanie’s fans and followers to certainly weigh in on the matter on social media. Many of them wrote, “Of course anything said by McDougal won’t hurt Melania. Their relationship is strictly transactional and zero having to do with love or mutual respect. So Melania could care less until it affects her financial independence,” along with, “There are forgiving women (husband had year long fling with one woman; husband was with porn star following arrival of her child), and then there are those with golden parachute prenuptials. Melania doesn’t care. Do you?”

What’s Next For Melania Trump?

Another cric wrote, “Yet she stayed in the marriage. AND was critical of Hilary doing the same – staying in a marriage with someone who openly, and repeatedly, committed adultery.”

And then there was this comment as well, “Melania’s heart will only be broken if the credit cards stop working. Oh, but don’t call her an escort …. call her mail-order bride from Eastern Europe who will only make appearances with Trump if/when he pays her first.”

So far Melania Trump herself has made no comments about the matter, but it’s doubtful that she will at this point.

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Tammy Hager
28 days ago

Why don’t you people GET A LIFE?? And get your long nose out of the Trumps personal life!! You all are sickening!

Adrienne Bono
Adrienne Bono
28 days ago
Reply to  Tammy Hager

I’m with you, don’t believe any of this garbage they are spewing. Donald Trump is news so the liberal media always lies and takes on whatever will sell.

James Dean
James Dean
28 days ago

Must be a slow news day, if the media is commenting on the Trump family…

Beatrice plowden
Beatrice plowden
28 days ago

Who cares they belongs together they are two of the same people

Marie Hickey
20 days ago

MYOB… don’t don’t know I don’t know you people…stfu!

7 days ago

She chose to stay with Trump and she not going anywhere

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