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Samantha Markle Demanding To See Kate Middleton In A Courtroom

Let’s just say that there’s a very slight chance this will ever happen. There’s a new report that says Samantha Markle’s lawyers want a witness statement from the Princess of Wales. For the last few years, Samantha has been trying to see her half sister Meghan Markle for defamation, but it just hasn’t worked out in her favor. And now it looks like her lawyers want to see Kate Middleton in a courtroom. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Samantha Markle Demanding To See Kate Middleton In A Courtroom

As many royal fans are aware of by now, Samantha’s lawsuits, many of which have no merit, have been dismissed with prejudice in the past. That’s because it’s beginning to become very obvious that Samantha is only suing Meghan Markle for money and according to some critics, for attention. And it seems like her lawyer just won’t quit as he thinks that Kate Middleton should travel to Florida and testify against the Duchess of Sussex.

Samantha’s lawyer Peter Ticktin even put it this way, “‘I felt that Catherine might have some very important light to shed on what had occurred because obviously something is really really wrong between these two.”

Of course, many royal critics sure have said a lot about the matter. Some have even commented with, “I doubt Kate would give Samantha the time of day. Meghan should sue Samantha and then get a restraining order. What would Kate say that she thinks Meghan is not an only child,” along with, “Well, Sam and Kate have some things in common. They have both lied and smeared Meghan. I don’t think Kate would be willing to sign a statement on her lies though. Sam will have to get her statement from palace sources.”

Will The Princess Of Wales Travel To Florida?

Another critic wrote, “This is harassment and no lawyer with any brains would represent Samantha. Where is the money coming from for Samantha. This woman is gross. The rota rats need to focus on the UKs unqualified, lazy, arrogant, narcissistic future king and leave Meghan and Harry alone. This isn’t the flex they seem to think it is.”

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