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Tragic Details About Ivanka Trump’s Marriage

When it comes to Ivanka Trump and her personal life, she certainly wants everything to look picture perfect. But it’s not always that way. She’s certainly dealt with a lot of ups and downs ever since she decided to join her father Donald Trump’s administration during his time at the White House. Her husband, Jared Kushner, did the exact same thing. But now that Donald is running for re-election, both Ivanka and Jared have decided to pull back and distance themselves from the former president. Could it be because they simply want to save their marriage in the process? That’s what a lot of political fans can’t help but wonder. Here are just some tragic details about Ivanka Trump’s marriage.

Celeb News: Tragic Details About Ivanka Trump’s Marriage

What’s going on with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner? That’s what a lot of fans can’t help but wonder. However, there’s been heavy speculation suggesting Ivanka and Jared decided to distance themselves from the rest of the Trump family just so they can focus on their own family with their three children and of course, save their marriage. The last thing they want to deal with right now is all of the pressure that usually comes from Donald and the drama over at Mar-A-Lago.

Even if there were tension in their marriage, Ivanka would be very careful to make sure that no one would see it or feel it. She knows that her image is everything and even if she and Jared have their ups and downs – just like so many other couples out there – she’s not going to let the media use it as gossip fodder. What happens behind closed doors at the Trump and Kushner household, certainly stays behind closed doors.

Celeb News: Ivanka Trump is A Very Private Person

That said, Ivanka has also been very careful about not disclosing too many details about her life with Jared either. She knows that anything can be used against her at this point.

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