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Donald Trump Frustrated With Body Image And Weight Loss Issues

He knows that image is everything. There’s heavy speculation on social media that Donald Trump is feeling very frustrated with his body image and his weight loss issues. Now that he’s back on the campaign trail and trying to prove to the world that he’s got the strength and stamina to take on another term in office, some people think that his health issues might get in his way of becoming president again. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Donald Trump Frustrated With Body Image And Weight Loss Issues

As many political fans and critics alike are already aware of, the Democratic party is concerned that Joe Biden’s decline in his cognitive health will be the reason why they will lose control of the White House in November. The dems were hoping that Michelle Obama would swoop in and replace Joe Biden as the new presidential nominee, but she already made it clear that she wants nothing to do with the political world.

Of course, the same can be said about Donald Trump. Even though no one is questioning his mental health, it’s his physical health that has a lot of people worried. His love for McDonalds cheeseburgers, pizza, and all sorts of fast food has many people concerned that he might be headed towards a heart attack before he even makes it back to the White House.

Then again, Donald’s wife Melania Trump has been trying very hard to keep her husband on a diet. And while it’s worked to a certain point, Donald is still not satisfied with his results. He wants to be the fittest president in history. Well, at least he wants to appear that way. But he knows it’s not going to be easy. The last thing he wants though is for anyone to think that he’s unfit for office in the same way people believe Joe Biden to be.

What’s Next For Donald Trump?

So far Donald Trump has not made any comments about the matter. Tell us, what do you think about this story? Leave us your thoughts in our comments section below.

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