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Rose Hanbury Bullied Over Prince William Affair

Rose Hanbury is being bullied online over all the rumors suggesting that she might or might not be Prince William’s mistress. In fact, several reports even suggest that Kate Middleton is preparing to walk away from her husband and the British Royal Family over a fight that she might have had with William over Rose’s role in his life. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Rose Hanbury Bullied Over Prince William Affair

Even though she’s never made any comments about the matter and Buckingham Palace has denied the affair reports in the past, there’s heavy speculation that Prince William might still be with Rose Hanbury. Of course, that is all speculation that has been unconfirmed at this point, but it hasn’t stopped the internet from going down deep into a rabbit hole that no one has come out of yet.

Of course, many royal fans and critics alike have had a lot to say about the matter on social media. Some even commented with, “The soft launch of Rose Hanbury is fascinating to witness. It’s like they are attempting to phase the wife out to slowly introduce her replacement. The King set an example, & the heir follows. Like father, like son, a Windsor through and through, & she an actual British rose,” along with, “The Wales have indeed won the heart of America. They are all over our media & nightly comedy shows. Prince William mistress Rose Hanbury is now an open topic in the American news. Kate Middleton is seeing as a hostage in the British royal family that needs rescuing.”

What’s Next For The British Royal Family?

Another critic wrote, “Forget Kate for a second, let’s talk about Rose Hanbury. She’s being dragged through the mud. She’s got kids who will probably be teased about this. She’s not a public figure, at least not one who has a palace standing behind her. It’s so disgusting.”

And then there was this comment as well, “UK Scandoval: William allegedly having an affair with Kate’s friend Rose Hanbury. Lest we forget that William refused to wear a wedding band after his wedding.”

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Bonnie Jacobs
Bonnie Jacobs
1 month ago

I feel really sorry for the Royal Family , everyone of them.They can’t be a real family with a normal life like all of us, they have to many rules they have to live by. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone knows not to judge, come on guys give them a break.

Bonnie Jacobs
Bonnie Jacobs
1 month ago

William don’t make the same mistake your dad did. You know how your mother felt and you dont want your children’s mother to feel that way.You know how that feels and she’s been there for you.If none of this is true then I hate all the false rumors and heart ache that this has caused for You Kate and Rose,

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