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Melania Trump Sets The Record Straight On Divorce Rumors

Melania Trump is not going anywhere, anytime soon. The former First Lady has made it pretty clear that divorce is not on the agenda as she is going to be spending the next several months supporting her man, Donald Trump. And while no one knows exactly what is going on between Melania and Donald Trump behind closed doors, one thing is for certain: Melania is going to do whatever she can to make sure that her husband gets the keys back to the White House by 2024. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News: Melania Trump Sets The Record Straight On Divorce Rumors

Melania, of course, has made no direct comments about all of the divorce rumors, but many critics say that her actions speak louder than her words. Over the weekend, the Slovenian-born beauty was all smiles at a very glitzy and glamorous event at Mar-A-Lago. In fact, some eyewitnesses say that they haven’t seen Melania this happy in many long years.

The Mainstream Media certainly wasn’t very nice to Melania during Donald’s time in the White House from 2016-2020. They poked around at her past, made fun of her accent and each time she wasn’t on the campaign trail, they speculated about her absence. Well, Melania wants to make sure that doesn’t happen again. She’s tired of all the negative press and rumors surrounding her marriage to the former president. She wants everyone to know that she’s standing by her man, regardless of what they might say or think about it. 

Celeb News: What’s Next For The Trumps?

Plus, a lot of critics think that if Melania were to pull the plug on her marriage to Donald Trump, she would have done it already. But it hasn’t happened. They might not have a fairytale marriage, but if there’s one thing that’s certain about the Trumps, it’s that they are both very determined to prove the world wrong about them. Watch this space as we have a feeling we will be seeing much more of Melania in the coming months ahead.

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2 months ago

Trump’s wife is crazy as hell to be with him plus she was not a good First Lady not at all.

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