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Days Of Our Lives Facing Cancellation Over Arianne Zucker Lawsuit

Days of Our Lives is facing a very bleak future. There’s heavy speculation that the Peacock soap won’t even make it past this summer as it is facing cancellation because of Arianne Zucker’s lawsuit. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Days Of Our Lives Facing Cancellation Over Arianne Zucker Lawsuit

According to new reports, Arianne Zucker says that she was fired from the show last October. She claims that former DOOL producer Albert Alarr, who was fired last year, had sexually harassed her multiple times. Once while directing Zucker in a sex scene, Alarr told her co-star, “believe me, I’d love to switch positions with you,” according to her lawsuit. Other times Alarr said, “F*** them like you were younger,” during her sex scenes.

The actress complained to the head of the show’s production company, Ken Corday, but unfortunately, those complaints went nowhere. Zucker also says Alarr subjected her to nonconsensual touching.

“Ms. Zucker did what we tell all women who experience harassment to do, and that is to report it. Ms. Zucker did just that and was the voice for other women who were too scared to come forward,” Zucker’s lawyer Anahita Sedaghatfar told People magazine. Rather than condone her bravery, Ms. Zucker alleges that Corday retaliated against her and because she spoke out she has lost a job she was devoted to for two decades. As part of this lawsuit we will seek to ensure that Corday provides sexual harassment training to its employees and hires an intimacy coordinator to be on set for sex scenes.”

Arianne Zucker Sues DOOL Producers

Of course, many Days of Our Lives fans sure did have a lot to say about the matter on social media. Some commented with, “I hope she takes every last dollar they have.That a sexual predator was allowed to stay & work after multiple complaints is repugnant.They deserve everything coming their way.I will miss her so much on #Days.It never had to come to this,” along with, “Ari s one of the most talented actors on @DaysPeacock. If she is fired and not returning to @daysofourlives I’ll be canceling Peacock and quit watching a show that I have watched since the very beginning.”

Another fan wrote, “We stand with you Ari. Makes me so mad that you and the cast had to deal with this abuse. Very sad what has happened to Days. orday needs to pay for everyone he turned his back on.”

So far the producers of Days of Our Lives have made no comments about the lawsuit.

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24 days ago

I don’t know why people would quit watching DAYS just because Nicole is gone. She’s not one of the best actresses on there. Better actresses and actors have left before and the show has gone on and on for 50+ years now.

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