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Royal Fans Fear Kate Middleton Has Gone ‘Missing’

Things certainly aren’t looking hopeful. A lot of royal fans can’t help but wonder why Kensington Palace is yet to release a photo of Kate Middleton, especially if they say that everything is fine with her. In fact, there are some critics out there who think that it will be a very, very long time before they see the Princess of Wales in public again. That’s because something just isn’t adding up. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

British Royal Family News: Royal Fans Fear Kate Middleton Has Gone ‘Missing’

Royal fans are apparently worried that Kate Middleton has gone missing. However, Kensington Palace claims that the Princess of Wales is resting at home after having spent the last two weeks in the hospital following her abdominal surgery. Yet, there’s no evidence that Kate Middleton had spent time at The London Clinic, nor did anyone see her after she was supposedly discharged from the facility. In fact, Kate Middleton hasn’t been seen since before the holidays. What’s going on?

Kate’s father-in-law King Charles was also at The London Clinic the same time that she was last week. However, the King of England was there for his corrective surgery on his enlarged prostate. The King managed to greet well-wishers on his way out of the hospital and was even spotted leaving his church service with his wife Queen Camilla by his side on Sunday. But for some reason, Kate hasn’t been able to do the same.

Royal Family News: Where Is Kate Middleton?

While the palace insists that everything is okay with Kate Middleton, both royal fans and critics still want answers. That, or at least they want a video with her holding up today’s newspaper. Now, whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen. Until that happens, royal fans are going to have every reason to feel worried about the future queen of England. 

So far Kensington Palace has made no comments about the matter.

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27 days ago

I dont trust prince William he wants to be with his girl fiend I hope she’s ok

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