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Royal Critics Want Kate Middleton’s Medical Records Released

Should the royal family release Kate Middleton’s medical records? That’s what a lot of royal fans and critics are saying on social media as some people are scratching their heads over the latest royal developments. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Critics Want Kate Middleton’s Medical Records Released

It was reported this week that the Princess of Wales had undergone abdominal surgery and that she will remain in the hospital for two weeks. Her recovery time will also be extended for several long months. But for many royal critics, this just doesn’t make sense. Because most patients are out of the hospital after five days following a surgical procedure. So, why is Kate Middleton in the hospital for much longer? Critics are now calling out for the royal family to release Kate’s medical records for the public.

Of course, many royal critics have certainly had a lot to say about the matter on social media. Some have even taken to X (Twitter) to write, “Since the British tax payers will be footing the bill, her hospital records should be supplied thanks! We think she is skiving off so we need to see proof that this huge amount of time off is indeed required. Most of the general pop would not have these sorts of lux allowances,” along with, “This doesn’t make sense at all. If it was planned, why did they also schedule royal engagements around the exact same time? This was a medical emergency and you know it. Plus no one stays in the hospital that long after surgery.”

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Another critic wrote, “Her medical records need to be released. Please don’t try to justify these situations. There are people desperate for hospital treatment who are faced with a wait of several years. Is their health any less important?”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter.

Tell us, what do you think of this story? Drop us a line in our comments section below with your thoughts. Also, watch this space as we have a feeling there is so much more juicy drama to come.

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2 months ago

Tubes tied?

2 months ago

Medical records should be released and the dignity of the patient should be maintained. But as a public servant, the public has a right to know.

2 months ago

Is she being treated for anorexia? She appears to be awfully thin.

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