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Netflix’s The Crown’s Season 5 Dialogue Is So Bad Fans Might Not Watch It

Netflix’s The Crown Season 5 is one season that you might want to skip. Critics are already saying that some of the dialogue – including what Princess Diana’s ghost supposedly says in the series – is so bad that a lot of people are already cringing over it. Here’s what you need to know.

Netflix’s The Crown’s Season 5 Dialogue Is So Bad Fans Might Not Watch It

In one scene, Princess Diana’s ghost tells Prince Charles, “Thank you for how you were in hospital. So raw, broken—and handsome. I’ll take that with me.”

In another scene, Diana’s ghost is holding hands with Queen Elizabeth and says, “As long as anyone can remember, you’ve taught us what it means to be British. Maybe it’s time to show you’re ready to learn too.”

It goes without saying that many royal critics sure have a lot to say about the matter. Some have taken to social media to comment on it with, “Let’s face it. The Windsors are only happy with what they can control. This is embarrassingly bad dialogue, but what does it say to the British public that this is what the royals care about? They really have gone full soap opera,” along with, “I find the idea repulsive too – insensitive and if the showrunners are just going to use her to, in the end, prop up the institution that Diana suffered through then it’s doubly ridiculous.”

The Crown Season 5: Princess Diana’s Ghost Makes An Appearance

Another critic wrote, “I hate it when a woman who has been wronged speaks from beyond the grave in any way to let people off the hook. Them making Diana an actual GHOST just makes it worse.”

And then there was this comment as well, “The writers are making the false assumption that there are people who believe that the dead can return as ghosts to speak. And that’s not the worst of it. Putting cheesy, corny dialogue in the dead persons mouth is just too much. Jumping the shark, a reference to writers who have run out of ideas.”

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