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‘Distressed’ Prince William And Kate Middleton Refuse To Reconcile

There’s a new report that says Prince William and Kate Middleton are refusing to reconcile. And by that, we mean they are refusing to end their feud with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

‘Distressed’ Prince William And Kate Middleton Refuse To Reconcile

Of course, the Prince and Princess of Wales have plenty of reasons to never speak to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ever again. They’ve been left absolutely humiliated by all of the things that Harry and Meghan have publicly said about them, including some of the biggest fights they’ve had with the Sussexes behind closed doors. Because of it, William and Kate want to keep their distance from Harry and Meghan. In fact, they are probably even relieved that there’s a body of water and several time zones that separate them. 

Royal author Dr. Ed Owens put it this way in a new interview with GB News, “It’ll be really difficult. I don’t think there’s any way for that direct way forward at the moment. It’s a classic case of conflict resolution. Conflict resolution requires an understanding on the part of both parties and a desire to find common ground. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a deep enough desire on either side to find that common ground at the moment.”

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Prince William And Kate Middleton?

With that said, Owens did add that Kate and William might be able to find a middle ground with Harry and Meghan in the future.

He said, “Time is often the healer, and in terms of their finding common ground, it’s something that might happen further down the line. But at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a deep enough desire to find that common ground or a desire to be understanding on both sides, for there to be sort of any successful resolution. What it would take is for some conciliatory force to work as mediator between the two groups.”

Watch this space as we have a feeling there is more to come. Tell us, what do you think of this story? Drop us a line in our comments section below with your thoughts. Also, don’t forget to come back right here for all the latest news and gossip about all of your favorite British royals, Hollywood actors, and reality television stars. We’ve got you covered.



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