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Kate Middelton Is Still Attending Her Royal Engagements Without Prince William

Could this be the beginning of something new? A lot of royal fans have once again noticed that Kate Middleton has been appearing at her royal engagements and public appearances by herself and without her husband Prince William by her side. Either she is trying to make a point by appearing at all of these engagements solo or she is really trying to distance herself from the future king of England. Either way, it sure has a lot of people talking.

Kate Middelton Is Still Attending Her Royal Engagements Without Prince William

Princess Kate was a pretty vision in pink at the reopening of the Young Victoria and Albert Museum in London this week. A lot of royal fans agree that the royal mother looked absolutely lovely in her pink dress and white pumps as she greeted the museum’s patrons for what was a very special day for everyone. But at the same time, many people can’t help but wonder why the Princess of Wales has decided to do all of these events solo, seeing how for years she and Prince William were almost inseparable. 

Of course, many royal fans and critics alike have commented on the matter with, “There must be something going on. These two are never together anymore. Willy wants a divorce (was out clubbing last night), but she is clinging on and working for all the clicks and relevancy,” along with, “I don’t think a divorce is imminent, but there’s definitely shady things happening behind the scenes. On what planet would Kate Middleton agree to ‘work’ this hard, especially when Wimbledon is looming, and not expect to gain something from it? I’m enjoying this emerging war very much.”

Is Kate Middleton Trying To Distance Herself From Her Husband?

Another critic wrote, “Something is going on, she is working a LOT (relatively. I mean she’s barely working but this is Kate so for her, its a lot.) Wonder if she is trying to prove her value?”

Now, when it comes to their marriage, both Prince William and Kate Middleton have not made any comments whatsoever. Watch this space.

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