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General Hospital Spoilers: When Ned Wakes Up — He Won’t Remember Olivia or Leo

General Hospital Spoilers: When Ned Wakes Up — He Won’t Remember Olivia or Leo

General Hospital spoilers reveal fans are anxiously awaiting the awakening of Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) from his coma. It has been reported that Ned will wake up with a personality that is both familiar and estranged to his family. Speculations about whose character traits he will take on has been the topic of much discussion among viewers. Although there are several theories floating around, we can’t predict for sure which direction the storyline will take. One thing is certain: Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) will be eager to have her husband back by her side. But is he going to feel the same way if he wakes up without a clue about who his wife is and insists he doesn’t know her?

General Hospital Spoilers — Days Gone By

For Ned, the confusion on his face as he surveys his surroundings will be heart-wrenching for his wife and family to witness. But what’s even more alarming is the fact that Ned will appear to have been propelled into a different time, believing he is still living as Eddie Maine, a rockstar persona from decades in his past. Does this mean he will think he is married to Lois Cerullo (Lesli Kay)? It’s a medically induced fantasy that everyone will have to play along with for the time being, but the uncertainty of not knowing what comes next could crush Olivia — and what about Leo Quartermaine (Easton Rocket Sweda)?


GH Spoilers Suggest Ned Doesn’t Know His Own Family

It’s going to break Olivia’s heart to find out that Ned doesn’t recognize her. Explaining this to a child on the Autism spectrum won’t be an easy feat, but we may find that Leo takes it in stride, not fully understanding the emotional tension of the situation. He could be a simplistic source of reassurance for his devastated mother, and many fans are hopeful that GH will use this storyline to showcase more about Leo’s character that has connected with so many special needs families. Nevertheless, it won’t be an easy pill to swallow for Olivia to realize Ned knows all of his family except for the two chosen parties he picked up later in his life.

General Hospital Spoilers: When Ned Wakes Up — He Won’t Remember Olivia or Leo

General Hospital Spoilers — How Long Can This Go On?

Just how long can Ned go on living his life with a wife and child he feels no attachment to? What if his heart only calls for Lois or another woman from his past? What will it mean for ELQ if Ned thinks he’s destined for rock stardom and wants Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) to make it happen for him? Meanwhile, someone else will be panicking over Ned’s condition and praying he’s never able to reclaim his memories, even if Olivia and Leo pay the price. If Ned regains his senses, there is a possibility he’ll reveal what he knows about Nina Reeves’ (Cynthia Watros) involvement with the SEC case against Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison). Will Olivia sense that her business partner isn’t all that choked up for her? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just ahead to see how this plays out.


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