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Royal Report: Prince Harry In Contact With Divorce Lawyers

It looks like there is some trouble brewing over in Montecito. Royal Family News suggests that Prince Harry might have already contacted divorce lawyers as he might be looking for a way out from his marriage and even America for that matter. Apparently, Harry’s American dream with Meghan has turned into a nightmare and that’s why he wants out. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Report: Prince Harry In Contact With Divorce Lawyers

One source close to the situation says that Prince Harry is feeling a whole lot of pressure lately and apparently, is ready to throw in the towel when it comes to his marriage. To make matters worse, royal expert Lady Colin Campbell has suggested that things are so bad between Harry and Meghan right now that the Duke of Sussex has been seeking refuge at a hotel just to get away from his wife. Plus, there’s also a very good chance that he might be getting tired of all the feuding with his family members back at home and just wants to repair things between him, his father King Charles, and his brother Prince William before it’s too late. But with Meghan still in the picture, that might not happen.

In an interview with GB News, Lady C put it this way, “There have been problems in the marriage supposedly for some time. I mean, I have heard from five totally reliable sources that Harry called in the lawyers some months ago.”

Interestingly enough, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just marked their fifth wedding anniversary but did not do anything to celebrate it. What’s more, it seems like all of the embarrassment surrounding the supposed car chase story with the paparazzi in New York City might be another reason why Harry’s done with his wife and her shenanigans. The Sussexes are so embarrassed that no one believes their story that they’ve been hiding out at home and canceling some of their scheduled events, too. 

What’s Next For Prince Harry?

So far neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle have made any comments about the speculation, but at this point, it’s doubtful that they will. Should Harry file for divorce, it’s definitely going to be the news story of the century. Watch this space.

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