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Kate Middleton Accused Of Faking Her Piano Performance – Here’s The Proof

Royal Family News suggests that there’s a new royal controversy. That’s because Twitter seems to be up in arms over Kate Middleton’s piano performance at this weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest. That’s because a lot of people believe that the Princess of Wales was faking her performance. Here’s what you need to know.

Kate Middleton Accused Of Faking Her Piano Performance – Here’s The Proof

Apparently, there were some eagle-eyed fans out there who noticed that something was off about Kate Middleton’s piano playing this weekend. One person even called out the Princess of Wales by saying, “Lot of musical friends been in touch to say that Kate Middleton faked the piano playing to a backing track at late night’s Eurovision. They say her fingers were not placed to play the chords we heard. In other news, Prince William is said to be spending the night in Norfolk. In the picture she is depicted playing a ‘C’ chord when we clearly heard an ‘E’ chord.”

Yikes. Of course, many royal fans and critics alike sure did have a lot to say about the matter on social media. Many took to social media to write comments such as, “I have no idea if she was playing the piano or not, I can’t tell. But I would not put it past them to use someone else’s playing and pass it off as her own,” along with, “I’m gonna trust all the musically inclined people who said she was faking it. They didn’t just look at her fingers. They took in her body stance as well. Even if she was playing, what she played wasn’t that difficult and I say this as someone that went to a performing arts high school and plays four instruments.”

Does The Princess of Wales Actually Play The Piano?

Another critic wrote, “No she wasn’t playing, if you watch her shoulders (what there is of them), you can see no movement which there should have been. My only question is: why? Why did she play? To support anyone? How? By posing as the only (perfect) person in the room? To “surprise”? Like how? Should we be ecstatic that we can look at her? Why is she laughing? To whom? What was funny?? This is embarrassing.”

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