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General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Makes A Special Delivery-More Poison Laced Liquor For Victor?

General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Makes A Special Delivery-More Poison Laced Liquor For Victor?

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease that Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) will make a special delivery. Might it be some more poison-laced liquor for Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy)?

General Hospital Spoilers: Holly Sutton Got Help From Selina Wu

Before Holly Sutton (Emma Samms) went into her WSB sponsored trip to find and rescue her son, Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons) she got some help from Selina Wu (Lydia Look). Selena had a vial of some kind of poison or drug that she dropped into Victor’s drink as he sat at The Savoy, and Holly had given her a payment. Holly had given her a stone from the Ice Princess necklace, but so far, Victor doesn’t seem to have suffered ill effects from whatever Selina dosed his drink with.

Perhaps what Victor was dosed with is a substance that must build up in his system in order to do its damage. Selina would need to make sure that she keeps the doses coming without him becoming suspicious-perhaps sending her nephew with special deliveries?

GH Spoilers: Special Delivery Of Poison-Laced Liquor?

One way Selina could make sure that the Cassadine stayed on schedule with his poison doses is to send regular deliveries of poison-laced liquor to his Metro Court Suite. A perfect opportunity has arisen to gift him with a case of liquor to express sympathy for the recent death of his son, Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart).

She would not be in on the plot of Valentin, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Lucy Coe’s (Lynn Herring) faked deaths, but the “deaths” have been publicized in The Invader. Selina has taken great pains to have the bottles of liquor spiked with the appropriate doses so that each bottle compounds the lethal buildup in Victor’s system. She also has taken great pains to ensure that there is no way Victor could suspect that the bottles were tampered with in any way.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Cooper Brings The Gift With Extreme Condolences

Brad brings the gift to Victor’s suite with extreme condolences from Selina, and he has one special bottle with no poison that he opens to toast Valentin’s memory with Victor. This is done with Selina’s strict instructions not to open any other bottle except for that particular one, and that is so Victor won’t be suspicious. They commiserate together the death of Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) also, Victor having known Britt from his long ago days of dating Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati).

As Selina planned, Victor is not the least bit suspicious and is completely disarmed by Brad, who he can tell cared a lot about Britt. Brad is sorry that Victor has lost his only son, he can relate, remembering the death of his and Lucas Jones’ (Matt Trudeau) adopted son Wiley Cooper-Jones (Grace Elizabeth Davis).

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