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Tragic Details About Tom Cruise’s Estranged Daughter Suri

While Tom Cruise is definitely one of the biggest household names in the world, many of his fans have always been curious about his private life as much as they have wanted to know everything about his professional life. And while the Hollywood star is certainly very open and loves to engage with his fans as much as he loves to talk to reporters, if there’s one thing that he refuses to talk about, it’s his daughter, Suri Cruise. Actually, make that his estranged daughter Suri Cruise. Keep reading below for all the tragic details you need to know about Tom Cruise’s relationship with Suri.

Celeb News: Tragic Details About Tom Cruise’s Estranged Daughter Suri

Before Katie Holmes pulled the plug on her short-lived marriage to Tom Cruise, the couple were always seen out and about with their daughter, Suri. In fact, Tom made it no secret that he was a very hands-on father. Also, no amount of money was too much for his daughter. As a toddler, Suri was dressed in couture and always got what she wanted. In fact, some reports even suggested that she was the one who set the rules in the house and that Tom and Katie just followed along.

Well, that all changed the moment that Katie Holmes was given full-time custody of their daughter. Or at least, that’s what it seemed like as soon after the divorce, Tom was almost never seen with Suri anymore. However, they did have one last trip to Disney World and Aquatica in Orlando back in 2012 before Tom and Katie finalized their divorce.

Celeb News: What’s Next For Suri Cruise?

Of course, no one knows what Tom and Suri’s real relationship looks like behind closed doors. There’s a very good chance that they might have a very private daddy and daughter relationship and that they might still be in communication. But no one knows that for sure. Tom has refused to make any comments about the matter. Suri, meanwhile, has continued to live her life with her mother, Katie Holmes and has not spoken about her father, either.                       

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Bridgett hayes
Bridgett hayes
2 months ago

Its pretty messed up that you use that little girls name just for click bate the way you word it trajic is only supposed to indicate death so how dare you make it sound like something happened to that little girl that has gone through so much already shame on you is what I think since you asked

Bridgett hayes
Bridgett hayes
2 months ago

Low and behold the comments have to go through approval imagine that

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