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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner’s Daughter Debuts New Name And Pronouns

They sure do grow up fast. Fans were left stunned when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s middle child debuted her new name and pronouns this last week at her father’s funeral. Or at least, the pronoun part is according to the Daily Mail.

Ben and Jen’s daughter Seraphina introduced herself as her new name, Finn Affleck. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News: Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner’s Daughter Debuts New Name And Pronouns

Debuting a short buzz cut and wearing a suit and tie, the 15-year-old introduced herself as Finn Affleck at her grandfather’s service.

She said, “Hello my name is Finn Affleck,” and then proceeded to read Chapter 16, Verse 8 from the Book of Proverbs: Better is a little with righteousness, than a large income with injustice.

The funeral service took place at the Christ Church United Methodist in Charlestown, West Virginia, which is where Jennifer Garner grew up.

Both she and Ben Affleck have made no comments about their daughter’s decision to change her name, but the internet sure did have something to say about it.

Many of them commented with, “This is a phase for a vast majority of children. I was an adolescent counselor in the 90s and none of this existed.

It was never a symptom i heard about,” along with, “I’m very glad I grew up in the 90s. I was a tomboy, I wanted a different name and I wanted a buzz cut, my parents told me no and I’m very thankful for that. If I’d grown up now I dread to think what would have happened.”

Celeb News: You Can Call Her Finn Affleck Now

Another critic wrote, “My son was incredibly feminine, liked to dress up and play with dolls. I let him get on with it while always considering him a boy who had different tastes. These days I would be taking him to have gender realignment. I imagine his wife is very pleased I didn’t!”

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3 months ago

I want everyone who reads this to know that I have absolutely no problem with people being whoever they want to be. However, something has to change with the grammar because it is destroying the English language and it actually hurts my brain which has a grammatical background. They/their are not singular pronouns and, therefore, cannot be used to describe one person. There have been many new words introduced into the English language to describe the new technology that has been introduced so it seems reasonable that new words can be introduced to describe the new personalities of people instead of destroying the English language by using plural pronouns when talking about a singular thing – in this instance one person

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