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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Hudson West Be Put On Contract?

It’s definitely his time to shine. A lot of General Hospital fans believe that actor Will Hudson deserves to have a full-time contract with the show. Will, who is best known for his role as Jake Webber on the hit ABC soap, has been doing a phenomenal job with his scenes and of course, the daytime television world has noticed. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Hudson West Be Put On Contract?

Should the producers of General Hospital put Will Hudson on contract? That’s what a lot of fans want to know. In fact, now that he’s of age, a lot of people think it’s high time that he became part of the teen scene. Plus, there’s always the possibility that his parents, Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber, will get together, right? That would certainly bring some great drama to the small screen.

Some General Hospital fans have even commented on the matter with, “I am pulling no punches and not trying to hurt feelings but Hudson stands out above the rest. He should definitely be on contract and hope they don’t lose him the same way they lost NAC,” along with, “Once they find a girl for him they might do the usual summer teenage storyline and put him on contract. I think they did the same thing with Eden, William, Sydney & Garren Stitt. At least, that’s what I recall.”

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Another fan of the show wrote, “They really should, but I get it if he wants to do other projects as well. He is such a good actor. I’ve always been a fan of Hudson’s he should be on contract. Plus that means we would also get to see more of Elizabeth which I don’t think anyone would complain about, right?”

It goes without saying that General Hospital fans will have to tune in each and every day to find out what will happen next. General Hospital airs on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times.

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