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This Royal Is Tired Of All The Divorce Rumors About Her Marriage

Princess Charlene of Monaco is celebrating her 46th birthday but if there is one wish that she could make this year, it’s for the media to stop speculating on the status of her marriage to her husband, Prince Albert. The couple married back in 2011 but have been plagued with reports that their marriage has been anything but smooth over the years. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

This Royal Is Tired Of All The Divorce Rumors About Her Marriage

Princess Charlene is simply tired of all the divorce rumors about her marriage. Speaking to News 24, Princess Charlene set the record straight and said that she just doesn’t understand why there is so much interest in her marriage to Prince Albert seeing how she spends a lot of time out of the spotlight. She said there is nothing wrong with our marriage and I find the rumors to be draining and exhausting. I simply cannot understand where they come from. It feels to me like certain media or people want to see us split. At the end of the day these stories seem to be about clickbait and putting bread on someone’s table.”

But then again, there sure has been a lot written about it, too. Back in 2022, there were some suggestions that Charlene is getting $12.5 million to smile, wave and be a princess and wife to her husband, Prince Albert, per Page Six. A source close to the situation told the site, “Of course she has a generous prenup, but Albert doesn’t have to pay her to stay. After being away for so long during her illness, Charlene is so happy to be back with Albert and the kids. They spend every weekend at their country place. Albert is fully supportive of Charlene and is also helping her with her charities.”

What’s Next For Princess Charlene And Prince Albert?

It’s also been said that Princess Charlene is now living separately from her husband in Switzerland with the couple’s two children and that she only sees Prince Albert during official royal engagements. The palace has not responded to any of the reports.

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