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General Hospital Spoilers: Kristen Vagnos Opens Up About Taking Over As The New Molly

General Hospital spoilers say that Molly has certainly gone through a lot in the last year – and we are talking more about the off-screen drama than on the canvas. That’s because there have been multiple actresses that have assumed the role. But now it looks like Port Charles has found “the one” as Kristen Vaganos has played the role for several months now and seems to have eased in perfectly with her new character. Keep reading below for everything she has to say about it.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kristen Vagnos Opens Up About Taking Over As The New Molly

Kristen says that when she first took on the role, it took no time for her to feel “at home” in Port Charles. That’s because she already had a lot of chemistry with her on-screen sister, Kate Mansi. Kristen said, “We were fast friends. We get along super-well and we’re actually quite similar, so it was easy to form a sisterly bond with her — and with our ‘mom’, Nancy [Lee Grahn, Alexis] and with Kelly [Monaco, Sam]. The whole family has really clicked quite quickly and it’s been really exciting to sort of sink my teeth into it and establish this new family connection.”

The actress also said that working on the hit ABC soap has felt nothing less than professional. She said, “Everybody’s been really lovely about running lines beforehand and sort of rehearsing the scene because you have to sort of take it upon yourself to put that time in. Because it’s so quick when we’re shooting, if you want to give it some extra TLC, you have to take your own time to do that. But I find that really fun. Every now and again, there’s not time [to get together for rehearsal] and that’s fine, too, because once you have that sort of quick, unspoken shared language with each other, then you can really fall into place very quickly and organically. I think that’s what this show fosters, too.”

General Hospital Spoilers: What’s Next For Molly In Port Charles?

Kristen also added, “It’s been great working with the people here and figuring out what each relationship is. Obviously, there are preexisting relationships between these characters, but we have to put ourselves into it and find those moments.”

Of course, GH fans will have to tune in to find out what will happen next. General Hospital airs on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times.

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