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Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Marriage Crisis Over Pregnancy Plans

If there’s anything that fans have noticed lately, it’s that Kate Middleton has been doing more and more public appearances and royal engagements on her own. This is quite unusual, seeing how her husband Prince William has always been by her side. However, there’s some speculation that suggests the Prince and Princess of Wales are dealing with some major marital issues right now. Could it be because Prince William is against Kate’s plans to have a fourth child? Is there a reason why they are stalling their fourth pregnancy? Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Marriage Crisis Over Pregnancy Plans

Clearly, there is something going on behind closed doors for the Prince and Princess of Wales. Many people have noticed and even commented on how they’ve never behaved like this before in the past. William and Kate have always been very loving with each other and supportive in public, but that all seems to have gone away. It’s been several long months since Kate has done a royal engagement with her husband by her side, indicating that she wants to do things on her own.

While there’s no doubt that many couples deal with ups and downs in their marriages, William and Kate have always looked to be rock solid. But the Princess of Wales wanting to distance herself might indicate that she’s finally looking to do things her way without William constantly telling her what to do, how to look, or even what to say. Some people have even suggested that Kate looks more confident and radiant on her own.

What’s Next For The Prince And Princess Of Wales?

Of course, there’s also speculation that Kate Middleton might be upset that William doesn’t want to have any more children. The Princess of Wales has always felt that she was in her element while pregnant. Plus, she loves babies and children in general. A fourth baby might actually help bring the couple closer together, but it seems like William wants nothing to do with it. While babies sometimes do bring couples closer together, it might also give William a reason to walk out one and for all. Watch this space as we have a feeling that there’s more royal family drama brewing ahead.

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