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Here’s What We Know About Prince Andrew’s Explosive Tell-All Book

It looks like there’s another royal book that’s coming! Royal Family News suggests that Prince Andrew is certainly working on a new tell-all book about the royal family and that this one might be a little more explosive than Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare. Here’s what you need to know.

Here’s What We Know About Prince Andrew’s Explosive Tell-All Book

At this point, it’s pretty safe to say that the Duke of York wants to tell his side of the story and that he’s going to stop at nothing until it happens. One source close to the situation even said, “Andrew was the original spare and there’s plenty of material. Compared to Harry, he has a far greater depth of history to draw from. Writing a book would give him the opportunity to fully explain his association with Jeffrey Epstein and the resulting fall-out. But it would also be a fascinating insight into the inner workings of the Royals and their relationships.”

Not only that, but it seems like the Duke of York is also hellbent in repairing his reputation, too. He wants everyone to know that he’s not the pervy man that the media is making him out to be, as Andrew is adamant that he is innocent and continues to deny all of the accusations that have been made against him in the Virginia Giuffre case.

What’s Next For Prince Andrew?

One tipster said, ““All he wants to do is make things as smooth as possible in stark contrast to days gone by. Acting as that supportive brother figure, absolutely in the background but for the benefit of the monarchy as a whole, is a future template for how he feels he can make some sort of contribution. Rather than being a distraction, he wants to become a stabilizing influence and sounding board within the family on a very private basis.”

Now, whether or not Andrew finds a publisher for his book remains to be seen but in the meantime it looks like he’s going to write his book no matter what. And yes, you can bet that the world is going to read it, too.

Watch this space as we have a feeling so much more is yet to come. Tell us celebrity gossip fans, how do you feel about this story? Contribute to the buzz by dropping us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. Also, come back here for all the latest news about your favorite Hollywood and reality television stars right here.



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