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Royal Family News: Why Are Critics Calling Prince Harry ‘Stupid?’

He just can’t catch a break, now can he? Royal Family News says that there are some critics out there that might be going a little too far in their criticism against Prince Harry. In fact, some royal experts are calling him “more stupid” than previously thought. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Why Are Critics Calling Prince Harry ‘Stupid?’

According to royal critics and biographer Alexander Larman, he thinks that the Duke of Sussex has been behaving “completely imbecilic” for the way that he’s attacked his family. As many royal fans can recall, both Harry and Meghan went off on the royal family in their Netflix docuseries back in December and then again in Harry’s book, Spare. He suggested that his father King Charles was emotionally unavailable while he was growing up. If that weren’t enough, he also suggested that Camilla Parker Bowles was like an evil stepmother and also detailed a nasty fight that he got in with Prince William and another fight that Meghan had with Kate Middleton right before their royal wedding in 2018.

Larman put it this way, “In Britain it’s speculated about so much, the idea of will they be together or will they talk to each other? I think it’s fair to say no. Because after Harry published Spare, he knew exactly what he was doing — or if he didn’t know what he was doing, he’s even more stupid than we thought he was.”

Did Prince Harry Really Go Too Far In His Attacks Against The Royal Family?

Larman continued, “Anyone who isn’t completely imbecilic would know that to publish a book like Spare with that level of attack on your family is essentially ending any kind of relationship you’re ever going to have. The feud, which is now very much in public domain — it’s very similar, in so many regards, between George VI and the Duke of Windsor.”

So far Prince Harry himself has not made any comments about the criticism, although at this point it’s safe to say that he won’t have anything to say.

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